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About Recovery Network

Recovery Network NW is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, WA, that exists to help those who are suffering from addiction. We currently provide recovery resources and services in the states of Oregon and Washington.

We believe that true recovery can only happen through faith and salvation in Jesus Christ, who eradicates the core problem of humanity – sin. Only the living Word of God is capable of annihilating sin from one’s life. We exist to offer help to those who are in desperate need of a Savior.

General Support & Information Hotline

We provide a toll-free hotline number that you can call in order to speak with our staff, who can answer questions and provide the most recent information regarding our services.

Weekly Support Group

An important part of the recovery process is sharing a common desire to overcome drug or alcohol addiction with other people in similar circumstances. We believe that these groups are vitally important to the successful recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. Accountability to fellow participants is encouraged, but individuals are never pressured to open up any more than they feel comfortable with. These fellowships focus on Bible study, prayer, and encouragement to help stay committed to the recovery and prevent relapse.

Family Members Support

Alcohol and drug addiction of one individual impacts the lives of many. As the family members struggle to cope with the loved one’s addiction, their lives also change. They may experience hopelessness and pain. This support group is focused on bringing hope to the lives of siblings, parents, spouses, or other relations whose loved one is in the recovery program. The support and acceptance of the patient by family is critically important in ensuring long-term success of the recovery.

Rehab Homes & Services

Our recovery program takes about six to twelve months to complete. We have facilities with dedicated staff working around the clock to provide necessary help and care.

Local Churches

We believe that finding spiritual fulfillment and higher purpose in life is the key to achieving the lasting freedom from addiction to substance abuse and avoiding relapse. This is why we actively engage local churches that can provide the needed attention and support. Individuals can attend church services, participate in church activities, receive help from support groups, or one-on-one counseling.

Prison Network

Our prison network is an extension of Recovery Network NW ministry. We believe that no matter the location, the Gospel is capable of reaching a person’s heart and completing within them the miraculous work of salvation. Visiting various prison facilities, our dedicated team members provide support and fellowship to inmates who are suffering or recovering from addiction, and are in need of spiritual encouragement.

The freedom we so desperately seek becomes available the moment we truly start believing in the power of God’s grace.

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Why Choose Recovery Network

There are many different aspects that come with attaining freedom, and we at Recovery Network make it a priority to ensure that you achieve complete freedom - both spiritual and physical. We combine all our efforts and resources to create an effective and personal path for each person, making sure we do all we can from our side.

The Gospel Power

We believe that the word of God presents a solution to all through the power of the gospel. The gospel message gifts hope and motivation to those who are suffering or find themselves struggling with codependency, and provides knowledge and wisdom to those who wish to help and instruct on this issue.

One-on-One Support

Our staff will meet with you one-on-one to provide you with a personalized plan for achieving victory in Christ. Our mentors will become a part of your support system throughout your whole recovery journey.

Support for Family & Friends

Addiction is contagious in the sense that it targets and influences those who live with the dependent as well, and that is why one of our main points of focus is providing support and guidance for those who live with and are emotionally invested in the addict.

24/7 Support Line

We know that you may need help at any moment, even when you least expect it, and this is why we are here for you. Our dedicated staff members are always ready for your call at any time of the day or night.

Well-Versed Program

We are constantly growing and developing in order to provide all possible resources to those who need it, addicts and codependents alike, in order to guide those who severely need the gospel to regenerate and recover their life.

Addiction Prevention

Focusing on preventing addiction equates to the importance of treating it. Our program increases addiction awareness in the community by delivering courses to show how to avoid the serious issue in the first place.

Why Choose Recovery Network

One will continue to drown in the repetitive steps of addiction until one reaches the point of desperately desiring freedom, and makes the intentional decision that she/he wants to escape. Notifying a support group is absolutely vital, as it helps one battle bad habits with others in unity and will eventually lead to ultimate victory in Jesus Christ.


We are here to offer you help

The goal of all our efforts and the reason that Recovery Network even exists is to help you acquire freedom through the only guaranteed method - the word of God. We are here to offer a genuine shoulder to lean on, so please do not hesitate to contact us.